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中成药Chinese Herbs

 中成药Chinese Herbs
成份: Ingredients: 金櫻根,雞血藤,兩面針,功勞木,千斤拔,穿心蓮. Cherokee rose root, Suberect spatholobus stem, Shinyleaf pricklyash root, Leatherleaf mahonia stem, Philippine flemingia root, Common andrographis herb. 作用: Actions: 清熱解毒,健脾除濕,通絡活血。適應於女性生殖系統的健康功能. Support the health of the circulatory and female ..
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成份: Ingredients: 丁公藤,桂枝,麻黃,酒精,薑活,當歸,川芎,乳香,牡丹皮,五靈脂,補骨脂,黃精,山藥. Caulis erycibes,Cassia,Ephedra,Alcohol,Incised notopterygium,Angelica root,Olibanum,Subshrubby peony root-bark,Trogopterus dung,Malaytea scurfpea fruit,Manyflower sololmonseal rhizome,Common yam rhizome. 作用: Actions: 暫時舒緩因下列症狀引..
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